What Does Sense Mean In A Sentence?

What does notch mean?

notch • \NAHTCH\ • noun.

1 a : a V-shaped indentation b : a slit made to serve as a record c : a rounded indentation cut into the pages of a book on the edge opposite the spine 2 : a deep close pass : gap 3 : degree, step..

What do mean by census?

A census is the procedure of systematically enumerating, and acquiring and recording information about the members of a given population. … United Nations recommendations also cover census topics to be collected, official definitions, classifications and other useful information to co-ordinate international practices.

What does cinch mean?

a firm hold or tight grip. Informal. something sure or easy: This problem is a cinch. a person or thing certain to fulfill an expectation, especially a team or contestant certain to win a sporting event: The Giants are a cinch to win Sunday’s game.

How many sense do we have?

Sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. Almost everyone recognizes our five senses.

What does it mean when someone says in a sense?

phrase. Sense is used in several expressions to indicate how true your statement is. For example, if you say that something is true in a sense, you mean that it is partly true, or true in one way. If you say that something is true in a general sense, you mean that it is true in a general way.

What does sence mean?

An obsolete or dialectal form of since . An obsolete spelling of sense and of sense.

Do you have sense?

Sense has many shades of meaning, all involving understanding or becoming aware of something. You can use sense to describe something perceived with your senses, like when you sense your dog is near because of the smell. … If you have common sense you don’t do foolish things. The sense of a word is how it’s used.

Does it make sense or is it make sense?

The correct way to say it is: “that makes sense.” This is because “that” is singular, so the singular form of to make (i.e., makes) should be used.

What is sixth sense?

sixth sense. Keen intuition, as in She had a sixth sense that they would find it in the cellar. This term alludes to a sense in addition to the five physical senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. [

What’s another way of saying makes sense?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for make-sense, like: be reasonable, be understandable, be coherent, be plausible, be clear, be intelligible, be lucid, be logical, induct, hold-water and add-up.

What is the difference between meaning and sense?

The difference between Meaning and Sense. When used as nouns, meaning means the entity, perception, feeling or concept thereby represented or evoked, whereas sense means any of the manners by which living beings perceive the physical world: for humans sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste.

What are sense of organs?

Sense organs are the specialized organs composed of sensory neurons, which help us to perceive and respond to our surroundings. There are five sense organs – eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin.

How do you use sense in a sentence?

Sense sentence examplesHe also had a sense of responsibility about it. … I can sense it and I’m never wrong. … She shivered and shrugged the sense away. … For once, I had the sense to keep my mouth shut.More items…

What does have some sense mean?

If you have a sense that something is true or get a sense that something is true, you think that it is true. [mainly spoken] Do you have the sense that you are loved by the public? I get a sense that people are feeling better about themselves. See full dictionary entry for sense.

What’s the difference between Sence and sense?

The main difference between Sence and Sense is that the Sence is a river in west Leicestershire, England and Sense is a physiological capacity of organisms that provides data for perception. … A sense is a physiological capacity of organisms that provides data for perception.

Does it make sense meaning in English?

1 : to have a clear meaning : to be easy to understand We read the recommendations and thought they made (perfect) sense.

What is another word for doesn’t make sense?

What is another word for not making sense?illogicalirrationalinvalidunreasonableabsurdfallaciousunsoundfaultyinconsistentincorrect167 more rows

What is another word for correct?

Some common synonyms of correct are accurate, exact, nice, precise, and right. While all these words mean “conforming to fact, standard, or truth,” correct usually implies freedom from fault or error.

What does having no sense mean?

Up vote 1. If something makes no sense it means it is illogical, nonsensical, and unreasoned. This phrase can be used in situations where the proposal or affirmation appears to be absurd, or even preposterous. We can make no sense of it. Oxford Dictionaries defines this meaning of sense as.

What does it mean to have good sense?

: sound judgment often instinctive or unlearned had the good sense to save his money.