What Can I Use HSBC Points For?

How do I increase my credit card points?

To ensure that you make the best of the reward plan, here are a few tips to make a note of:Choose a credit card that suits your lifestyle.

Sign up at the right time.

Redeem reward points regularly.

Use an online portal that offers cashback.

Utilise bonus opportunities.

Focus more on food and grocery.More items….

What can I redeem my credit card points for?

You can generally redeem credit card points for travel, merchandise, cash back, or gift cards. In some cases, you can also redeem for exclusive events or donations to charity. Each issuer offers a different range of options and sets their own redemption prices.

Should I redeem points for cash?

“Getting more points for airline miles or hotel points is great,” Huffman says, “but if you aren’t traveling for a while, redeeming your points for cash back to invest, pay off debt or splurge on a fun experience is a better option.”

How does HSBC reward card work?

With the HSBC Rewards Credit Card, you’re never far from a reward. Collect reward points by shopping with your card. Then use the Mastercard Pay with Rewards app or website to use your points towards purchases – online or in stores.

Do HSBC reward points expire?

HSBC reward points expire 3 years after their date of issue. You will be reminded in your statement if your points are about to expire. Eligible purchases. You can earn rewards points on all eligible purchases.

How do I check my HSBC reward points?

How to check your reward points?Phone banking facility: Call HSBC customer care number on 1860 108 7788.Internet Banking: Customers can log in to their internet banking portal to check their reward points.Credit card monthly statements: The credit card statement will show the number of earned reward points.

How do I claim my HSBC reward points?

Redeem your points online by logging in to your HSBC Reward Plus account and clicking on ‘My Rewards’ or ‘Redeem your rewards’ to begin the request process. You can also redeem points over the phone by calling HSBC on 132 152 for Classic and Platinum card holders or 1300 301 168 for Premier card holders.

How do I redeem my HSBC Platinum reward points?

Option 1 OnlineCatalogue. Select your rewards. catalogue based. on your card type.Reward. Select your preferred. items or airmiles.Redeem. Click “Add toCart” and. “Redeem Now” button.Completion. Fill in your details to submit. the redemption form.

What are HSBC reward points worth?

Every time you make a purchase1 using your HSBC Rewards Credit Card, you’ll automatically collect reward points. 100 points equals £1.

Can reward points be converted to cash?

Few credit card providers allow their cardholders to convert their reward points into cash. Depending on the type of card you hold, you can use your reward points to pay your annual fee. Cardholders can use their reward points to make flight or hotel bookings.

How do I redeem my reward points?

Here are some ways to redeem your credit card reward points for shopping online.Redeem Your Credit Card Reward Points to Shop Online. … Get Cash Back for Your Rewards. … Redeem Your Reward Points for Gift Cards. … Get Discounts on Airfare and Hotels. … Donate Your Credit Cards Rewards to Charity. … Pay Off Your Balance:More items…•