Quick Answer: What Would Happen If Love Didn’T Exist?

Can Earth lose its gravity?

A lack of gravity would eventually take its toll on our very planet, writes Masters.

“Earth itself would most likely break apart into chunks and float off into space.” …

Eventually there would be no clumps of matter, like stars or planets, anywhere in the Universe..

How can we change the world with love?

6 Ways To Change The World With LoveHelp homeless people. “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” – Winston Churchill. … Do small acts of kindness. … Adopt an animal from the shelter. … Love yourself. … Support local causes. … Don’t hate – love is all around.

What is a life without love?

Life without love is something that you want to get rid off quickly. That constantly reminds you of a worthless person every single second. Life without love is something like you haven’t slept for 2 days straight, exhausted and tired of daily routine.

Do little acts of love help the world how?

Small acts can do the job. It takes one minute to sign a petition, one dollar to donate to a cause, one thought to send a prayer, one kiss to radiate love. Through acts of love and compassion we can upgrade ourselves and the vibration of Earth, bringing everyone along for the beautiful ride.

Can you live a life without love?

Living without love in your life is painful to say the least. It involves living with feelings of loss and disappointment. This is never easy and must be respected. … Another form of “love” that is possible involves the love that is felt for one’s family members.

How do you live without the person you love the most?

Keep breathing through the pain. Stop telling yourself that you’ll never survive or that you can’t forget the man you love. Instead, take a deep breath and look upwards. Look around you, at the people who love you and the beauty that exists in your life.

What are 10 acts of kindness?

10 random acts of kindnessSmile.Hold the door open.Give an honest compliment.Thank someone who you appreciate.Be a good listener.Offer your help to someone.Ask the person who’s serving you how their day is going.Treat someone to a coffee or tea.More items…

What would the world be like without love?

A world without love, is a world I wouldn’t recognize. … Patricide, fratricide, matricide would be the law, without love only jealousy and selfishness would have greater control over man. We’d live in a dark world, of endless war, hate persecution. Without love, individuals would live lives of self loathing.

What would happen if you had no heart?

To stay alive, a person needs healthy, living cells. Without oxygen, these cells would die. If that oxygen-rich blood doesn’t circulate as it should, a person could die. The left side of your heart sends that oxygen-rich blood out to the body.

Is a life without love worth living?

Of course life is still worth living. And romantic love is only one kind of love, and all of them are worth experiencing. … But even if that kind of love never happens, there is too much beauty and joy in life, and too much that one person can contribute to it, ever to think that without love it’s not worth living.

Why love makes the world go round?

Prov. Life is more pleasant when people treat each other lovingly. Come on, guys, stop fighting with each other all the time.

What would happen if we didn’t have physics?

Without the Laws of Physics there would be no universe, and vice-versa. The two are enmeshed with each other. The universe is defined by and obeys the Laws of Physics, and the Laws of Physics were created by the universe.

Can you be happy without love?

You can be happy without a romantic partner. You cannot be happy with just love (though it helps). You must at least be able to love yourself because being around those we love makes us happier. … That’s why I say that if you cannot at least love yourself, it is very likely that you will be unhappy most of your life.

What if gravity stopped for 1 second?

When gravity disappears for 1 second the outwards force balanced by the gravity would be released causing a massive explosion. In other star systems with more immense stars and natural phenomena such as pulsars and and especially black holes the explosions and expansions would be greater.

What would happen if Time didn’t exist?

What happens if the time doesn’t exist in our universe? Everything would become standstill; it is the end of the universes, as it would be before the Big Bang. Time didn’t exist when the universes weren’t there. … Everything would become standstill; it is the end of the universes, as it would be before the Big Bang.

Can a society function without love?

The only thing that can function without love is a machine. I’m afraid that without love, that is precisely what we are in danger of becoming. Beings who exist rather than live; like programmed machines rather than thinking beings. … It appears the machines are in control, not the people who made or use them.

Who said a life without love is no life at all?

Leonardo Da Vinci”Life without love is no life at all.” – Leonardo Da Vinci.

Why do humans need to feel loved?

Once one’s physiological needs such as breathing, water, food, etc. and the feeling of security and safety are met, a person needs to feel love and belonging in order to grow. … Even non-social people need to love and belong to something before they can achieve esteem and lead happy and motivated lives.