Quick Answer: What Is TopCashback Reward Wallet?

What is the highest bonus plus members can get when they payout with reward wallet on TopCashback?

As part of our Plus Day, Plus Members can get up to 26% payout bonus on select payout options through Reward Wallet.

We are giving you the chance to increase your cashback earnings by up to 26%..

What does top up amount mean on TopCashback?

That’s where top up comes in. Classic Member Top-up. If you’re a Classic TopCashback member we will give you an extra 1% on top of what the retailer gives to us – making it 101% cashback. Even though we give you a little more, this membership is totally free.

How long does TopCashBack take to payout?

After you have sent the image of your receipt to us, the cashback amount will track to your account Earnings at pending status within 1 hour. It can then take up to 30 days for the cashback to be approved and made payable (the point at which you can withdraw your cashback).

Is Top cashback free?

TopCashback is completely free to join. If you opt for a Classic account, then the site will be completely free for you to use as well. If you opt for a Plus account, then we will deduct a £5 annual admin fee from your Earnings in return for a range of added features and benefits.

What is reward wallet?

What is Reward Wallet and what are the benefits of using it? It’s your personal online wallet where you can transfer your cashback to get bonuses on e-gift cards and our Virtual Mastercard® Prepaid Card.

How does TopCashback reward Wallet work?

Transfer your payable cashback into Reward Wallet. Pick from our 50+ brands and request vouchers in round amounts or split your cashback between different vouchers. Once you have confirmation of your payout, visit the ‘My Gift & Prepaid Cards’ section in your account to redeem your voucher.

How do I get my money from TopCashback?

TopCashback FAQs and Help Providing you have some transactions which have become ‘Payable’, you can request a payout at any time. To request a payout please go to the Payout section of your account and select your preferred payout option. These will only be available once you have transactions at payable status.

Is TopCashBack a con?

With numerous cashback sites popping up on the internet, it’s challenging to find one that gives legit value. Especially in the case of TopCashBack, most TopCashBack reviews declare that it is a total scam because of its shady commission policy.

Is TopCashback premium worth?

Definitely worth it, they only take out the money from what you earn anyway. Also check out the deals they do on ISAs, you can earn a couple of hundred quid by signing up for one!

Which is better quidco or TopCashback?

Quidco* is Topcashback’s big rival, with the two sites often competing on exclusive deals. And while our spot-check in May 2019 found Topcashback edged it when it came to the highest rate, it’s always worth checking both sites before you spend, especially if making a big purchase.