Quick Answer: What Is The Recharge For IDEA Outgoing Validity?

Why my idea incoming calls are not coming?

Refresh handset by turning it OFF and then back ON.

Go to your phones call settings and disable fixed dialing setting.

Disable call barring setting.

If unable to receive calls from a specific mobile number only, check if your phone has a block list or block status feature..

How do you increase VI validity?

Steps to extend validity on Vi™ Prepaid In order to get a SIM validity extension for your prepaid account and avail talk-time and data benefits, Visit our service validity packs page. Once you’ve done so, enjoy access to uninterrupted calls, and data. Happy Vi™ services to you!

How can I reactivate my incoming call in idea?

How to Reactivate your Deactivated Idea NumberTry to request re-activation via Idea customer care.Visit nearest Idea store and submit reactivation request.Provide Address and Photo Id proofs.You may receive a confirmation call and then your number will be re-activated.

What is truly unlimited calls in idea?

All the 11 plans offer ‘truly’ unlimited local/national calls to all networks without any FUP capping. Idea meanwhile is offering three new unlimited prepaid plans with unlimited voice calling – Rs 219 (28 days), Rs 249 (28 days), and Rs 379 (84 days).

What is outgoing validity in idea?

The validity extension is for 28 days only. Post the expiry of the validity, the customer will have to recharge again. The plan is aimed at people who wish to receive uninterrupted outgoing and incoming services. It will help those who wish to extend their account expiry date to avoid its deactivation.

Is idea charging for outgoing calls?

Both the telcos, on December 1, announced new plans under which call and data charges became dearer. NEW DELHI: Telecom operators Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea have removed cap from free outgoing calls on other networks under new plans for pre-paid customers that came into effect from December 3.

What is the minimum recharge in idea?

3. Vodafone Idea Rs 49 Recharge Plan. The Vodafone Idea Rs 49 prepaid recharge plan comes with a 28-day service validity. As part of the plan, users get to enjoy Rs 38 worth of talktime, 100MB high-speed data, and local/national calls at 2.5 paise per second.

Why my incoming and outgoing calls are not working?

There’s some glitch on your phone, in which case you may try switching your phone off, and turning it back on again. There’s a problem with your SIM card, in which case you may turn off your phone, remove the SIM card, put the SIM card back inside, and turn on the phone again.

Does Jio charges for outgoing calls?

In 2016, the authority had announced that the zero-rate will be in effect from Jan. 1, 2020. To ensure this happens, Jio has introduced the 6 paisa/minute charge for customers making outgoing calls to non-Jio users “only until the IUC charge is made zero.”

How can I increase my outgoing validity in idea?

Here are Few USSD Codes to Increase Sim Validity through SIM Balance. Idea – *369*24 ( Rs 24 for 28 days) OR *150*24# ( 28 days validity) Airtel – *121*51# ( Rs 23 for 28 days) (All plans) Vodafone – *444*24# (Rs 23 for 28 days) *121*24#

What is 35 RS recharge in idea?

Telecom companies backed by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India have made it mandatory to keep a minimum balance of at least Rs 35 to avoid SIM deactivation. Prepaid users are now mandated to maintain a minimum balance on their phone account to continue using their SIM services.

Why has my outgoing service stopped in idea?

Those who failed to do the recharge on time will get blocked from making an outgoing call first. Then after the grace period, the number will get blocked from incoming calls too. Some of the Idea users were receiving messages and notification for the past few weeks regarding the disconnection.

How can I fix my outgoing call problem in idea?

If you have poor signal reception, try shifting locations, preferably somewhere more open and with less surrounding obstacles such as concrete walls. If your LTE is turned ON, your phone should automatically change to 3G or 2G when trying to make an outgoing call or when receiving an incoming call.