Quick Answer: What Is HDFC Imperia Account?

What is the salary of Po in HDFC Bank?

Probationary Officer Salary in Companies Similar to HDFC BankCompany NameAvg.

SalaryHDFC Bank Probationary Officer salary (5 Salaries)4.5LState Bank of India Probationary Officer salary (98 Salaries)7.3LFederal Bank Probationary Officer salary (63 Salaries)8LICICI Bank Probationary Officer salary (42 Salaries)3.9L7 more rows.

How do you become a relationship manager?

How to become a Relationship ManagerStrengthen your customer service and relationship-building skills in an entry-level role in sales, customer service, administration or a related field.Consider completing a bachelor degree in business, marketing, or management.

What is Imperia?

Imperia (pronounced [imˈpɛːrja] ( listen)) is a coastal city and comune in the region of Liguria, Italy. It is the capital of the Province of Imperia, and historically it was capital of the Intemelia district of Liguria.

What is Imperia relationship manager?

Imperia customer will have a one point contact for all his financial needs and services, thus enhancing current relationship value and wallet share which will further increase profitability from these relationships.

Is HDFC Bank Safe?

1) HDFC Bank If market confidence is a measure of the soundness of a Bank, then HDFC Bank takes the cake. At over Rs 11 lakh crore market capitalisation, it tops the chart, even if its assets are just a fifth of the largest Bank in the country.

What is the minimum balance in HDFC?

Rs. 10,000Minimum balance requirement to open a savings account in HDFC Bank is Rs. 10,000 for metro Urban branches Rs. 5,000 For Semi Urban branches Rs. 2,500 for Rural branches is required to open a Savings Regular Account.

How can I get HDFC preferred customer?

A preferred banking customer will have a few eligibility criteria to honor, which is generally linked to his bank amount balance. You are eligible for the HDFC Bank Priority Programme ** if you: Hold at least one Savings or Current account, sole or joint, with HDFC Bank.

What is the role of relationship manager in HDFC Bank?

The role of a Relationship Manager is, to enhance the existing relationship with HNI customers by analyzing his/her needs; and then cross-selling of various products & services, such as Current/Saving accounts, Loan products & third party products like Insurance & Mutual funds.

Is HDFC zero balance account available?

HDFC Bank, India’s second-largest bank, provides the facility of zero balance savings account with which the individuals can avail the basic banking facilities under several restrictions.

Can I open zero balance account in HDFC?

You can open a Savings Account, but you don’t have to maintain a minimum balance for it. Despite this, the bank will still provide the usual facilities that come with a regular Savings Account. As the name of the account implies, this is a zero-balance account. … Consequently, there is no penalty in case of zero balance.

Which account is best in HDFC?

HDFC Bank offers the following Savings Account Schemes:SavingsMax Account: … Regular Savings Account: … Women’s Savings Account: … Kid’s Advantage Account: … Senior Citizens Account: … Family Savings Group Account: … Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account: … Institutional Savings Account:More items…

What is VRM potential in HDFC Bank?

HDFC Bank has partnered with empanelled training partners to develop programs and and create trained managers, to join HDFC Bank in roles such as Virtual Relationship Manager. … On successful completion of the relevant Certification Program, the candidate will join HDFC Bank.

What is Imperia banking?

Exclusive Imperia PhoneBanking Service gives you the freedom to do almost anything over the phone – balance enquiry, loan-related queries, bill payment etc. … Great discounts and CashBack with PayZapp Mobile App, a complete payment solution which gives you the Power to Pay in One Click.

What are the benefits of HDFC preferred customer?

Home.PAY Cards, Bill Pay. Money Transfer. Cards. Bill Payments. … SAVE Accounts, Deposits. Accounts. Deposits. Safe Deposit locker. … INVEST Bonds, Mutual Funds. Demat. Bonds & Securities. Mutual Funds. … BORROW Loans, EMI. Popular Loans. Your Loans. … INSURE Cover, Protect. Life. Health & Accident. … SHOP Offers, Discounts. Smartbuy.My Mailbox.More items…