Quick Answer: How Do I Register My Telkom App?

How do I register my Telkom line?

Activating your T-kash account takes only a few quick steps:Go to your T-kash Menu.Select ‘Activate’.Enter your identification document number (The one used during registration).Enter Date of Birth (Format:DDMMYYYY).Enter New PIN.Enter New PIN again & confirm details.You will get a T-kash confirmation SMS..

How do I register my SIM card?

Registering a SIM card. To Register your SIMs, please click on the “Register SIM Batch” button on the “SIMs” panel. Enter the BIC code of the SIM or SIM batch and click “Verify BIC”. … Activating / Suspending a SIM card. After you registered a SIM card, you always have the possibility to activate or suspend it.

How do I activate my Telkom router?

Activate your internet account by typing www.telkom.co.za/verifyadslto the address field of your internet browser. Press Enter. Complete the fields with your telephone number and order number and click on Submit. Plug your dongle into the back of your router.

How long does a SIM card take to activate?

Just pop your SIM into your new device and switch it on. We’ll then text you to let you know we have started activating it. It should be activated in 2 hours but it can take up to 24 hours. When we’re done, we’ll text you to ask you to restart your device, and then you’re good to go!

How do I Rica my SIM card at home?

All you need is your ID (or ID card, temporary ID or passport) and proof of residence (e.g., levy statement or electricity bill). Dial *135*4# to confirm your SIM’s RICA status or use the verification tool below.

How do I check my Telkom account balance?

The easiest means of obtaining account balances, says Telkom, is via its balance enquiry SMS system. Customers should send an SMS with their 10-digit Telkom landline telephone number, followed by a space and the account-holder’s ID number, from a mobile phone to 012 321 0210.

How do I register my Telkom SIM card?

Follow the steps below to activate SIM. You will find your SIM ICCID number at the back of your new SIM Pack. Your Personal and Contact Details. You will receive an email and SMS on contact details provided with a link to complete the RICA process.

How do I use the Telkom app?

Here is how to download the Telkom Mobile app onto your smartphoneNavigate to the Google Play store if you’re an Android user or navigate to the Apple App store if you’re an Apple user. … Search for Telkom and look for the Blue Logo with white Telkom text. … Install and allow permissions.

Can I view my Telkom account online?

Your account can be linked to an e-mail address of your choice when you register at http://www.telkom.co.za/emailmemybill/. You can also view your bill online by registering at http://www.telkom.co.za/sites/athome/helpandsupport/aboutmybill/.