Quick Answer: How Can I Get Refund Of BSNL Security?

What happens if you dont pay BSNL bill?

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In case you dont pay your bsnl bill the options they have is to send you bills and give considerable time for the payment.

After that they will approach to the court for out of court (lok-adalat settlement), there in presence of h’ble judges and court staff you have to clear the bill via cash payment..

How do you check my BSNL bill is paid or not?

Login to Selfcare portal (selfcare.bsnl.co.in)Click on Billing Account Number (starts with 9xxxxxxxx) shown in My Accounts.Go to Bills & Payments (Available in Options in Left side panel)

Can we change BSNL broadband plan online?

BSNL Broadband users can change their broadband plans very easily as it is an online process. You can upgrade to a plan of your choice right from your home or office as there is no necessity to visit the BSNL office. However, you need to know your customer id number to change your BSNL broadband plan online.

How do I surrender my landline phone?

Surrender Landline phone serviceSurrender form duly filled by the subscriber.Last paid bill receipt.Identity Proof of the subscriber in which name Landline service is working.

Why BSNL net is not working?

Open Mobile settings > SIM Card Manager > Mobile data (Select BSNL SIM). Some of the customers were selected another SIM (other than BSNL data SIM) for provision of data, so the mobile handset is not allowed the 3G/4G internet and generate the data connecting issue.

How can disconnect BSNL broadband?

5 Simple Steps to Disconnect BSNL Broadband and Landline Services OnlineStep1: Visit the official BSNL website. … Step 2: Register yourself and sign in. … Step 3: Click on services. … Step 4: Select Submit a service request. … Step 5: Enter Service ID.

Why my BSNL number is not working?

In case a BSNL user is experiencing a low signal strength in a particular area, all they need to do to boost the signal strength is switching their network from 3G to 2G. It might disturb the internet speed but will surely strengthen the signal.

How do I write a letter to cancel a landline connection?

Sir/Ma’am, I would request you to permanently/temporarily disconnect and discontinue my existing BSNL landline connection as I no longer require these services at my residence/office/… This is for your kind information and necessary action. Land line no.

What is security deposit in BSNL broadband?

Rs. 500BSNL Security Deposit ChargesServiceSecurity Deposit AmountBSNL Landline (LL)Local + STD = Rs. 500 Local + STD + ISD = Rs. 2000Bharat Fiber & DSL Broadband>> Rs.500 for monthly rental plans below Rs.500 >> One Month Rental Charges for Plans above Rs.500 (Plan Monthly Rent) >> Minimum Hire Period = One Month5 more rows

How can I complaint against BSNL?

BSNL Subscriber can register the Online complains on website : http://mis.bsnl.co.in/pgs/internet/pgwebregn.asp select Telecom Circle or State, Fill Customer Detail, Contact No (Must) on which BSNL Authority will contact you. Mention Grievance in Brief and submit it.

How can I check my BSNL complaint status?

Check the status of grievance registered with the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). You need to provide your grievance registration number and complainant’s name to view the detailed information.

How do I write a letter to surrender for a Cancelled phone?

Respected Sir/Madam, I ________ (your name) would like to get my landline connection __________ (Your Landline Number) permanently disconnected. The reason for this disconnection is that ___________ (Reason for Surrender Landline – Shifting to another city/Not Required/High Chagres/Service Issues).

What is the cost of BSNL FTTH connection?

If you got your BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) connection through Local Cable Operator or TIP or MSO, you need to pay for the modem charges directly to the BSNL franchisee at the time of provision itself. Initial charges to be paid to LCO will be around Rs 4000/- to Rs 4500/-.

What is adjustment charges BSNL?

Adjustment in the landline bill simply means that the amount you paid exceeding your bill will be adjusted to the next bill. Let me give an example. Suppose your bill for February is Rs 900 but you paid Rs 1000 then your Rs 100 (1000–900) will be deducted in the bill amount of March.

Is BSNL broadband free?

The plan offers free internet to BSNL broadband users and offers 5GB daily data with speed up to 10Mbps. … This plan is only valid for existing subscribers of BSNL. No additional cost for installation or security fee is required. However, the voice calling subscription and landline calling charges will remain intact.