Question: What Is The Cost Of Certificate Attestation In India?

Is degree certificate attestation required for UAE visa?

The Government of UAE requires all educational/Personal certificates, professional or academic, issued from India to be attested by the Indian Embassy/Consulate in UAE for further attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE Government before grant of UAE Visa..

How can I get certificate attestation in India?

Indian Degree certificate attestation can be done from the issued country of the certificate. For using the degree certificate in India, certificate should be attested from concerned HRD/MEA & corresponding Embassy of the country to which the certificate holder plans to go.

How long does it take for certificate attestation?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs can get done with the attestation in 1-2 days but in case of emergency, the education documents can be attested on the same day, if all the required documents are submitted.

Who can do attestation of certificates in India?

To get attestation, a person needs to contact a doctor at a government hospital, a district superintendent of police or a sub-divisional/first class/additional district magistrate.

Is veterinary doctor a gazetted officer?

Yes in Karnataka Veterinary Officer is a gazetted officer! Yes, Veterinary Officer in Government service is a Class 1 Gazetted Officer. … What requires more schooling, to become a veterinarian or a doctor?

Is SBI bank manager a gazetted officer?

Gazetted Officers are executive/managerial level ranked public servants in India. … Banks are generally not a Central or state government functionary unit and hence do not have any gazetted officers. So, Government bank branch managers are not gazetted officers.

Can fake certificate be attested?

Many agents carry out fake attestations on the original certificates without the knowledge of the certificate holder. … Once a certificate with a duplicate Attestation /Authentication seal and signature by authorities is apprehended, the document owner will be charged under the law and convicted.

How many days will take for certificate attestation in UAE?

Fee StructureUAE Embassy Attestation (For documents from India)EmbassyDocumentProcessing TimeUAE Embassy AttestationPersonal Documents3-5 working daysEducation DocumentsCompany Invoice3 more rows

How much does it cost to apostille a document in India?

MEA: A fee of Rs. 50/- is payable for Apostille of each document. (W.e.f 21 December 2016, payment by means of postal orders has been discontinued.) Normal Attestation is done free of cost.

How do I get an attested certificate?

How to get my certificates or degrees attested?Verify your documents by the Ministry or Department of Foreign Affairs in your respective country. … Take the document and copy of it to the UAE embassy or consulate in your respective country.More items…

Who is eligible for attestation?

Only officers of Group A and Group B can attest the documents. Officials coming under two other categories Group C and Group D are not Gazetted, Officers. If attestation is being done for the purpose of applying for a passport. It can only be done by Group A gazetted officer only who are under the rank of Secretary/Dy.

Is MBBS doctor a gazetted officer?

Yes MBBS Doctor is a gazetted officer if he works under govt. Service either central or state. … If the MBBS is appointed as a Civil Assistant Surgeon in the Government, he/she becomes a gazetted officer..