Question: How Do I Request A New DBS Token?

What if I lost my DBS token?

My physical token is damaged/lost, how do I set up my Digital Token.

(if you do not have an email registered with DBS)Log in to digibank/iWealth.

Under “More” services, tap on “Manage Digital Token”.Tap on “My physical token is damaged/lost” link to request for a registration code..

How do I activate my Tracetogether token?

Users do not need to press any buttons or switches to activate it. It has a green light that blinks every minute to indicate it is working properly. If the token is faulty or has run out of battery, a red light will blink. Users may call 6973 6511 or email for help.

When can I get my TraceTogether token?

These tokens can be collected at 38 CCs around Singapore and will be made available at all 108 CCs islandwide by the end of November. SNDGO on Monday reminded residents that they may use either the TraceTogether mobile application or token because both serve the same function of recording close contact data.

What if I lost my POSB token?

Log in to digibank/iWealth. Under “More” services, tap on “Manage Digital Token”. Tap on “My physical token is damaged/lost” link to request for a registration code.

Where can I get a TraceTogether token?

TraceTogether Tokens will be issued at Community Centres/Clubs in phases. Please check TokenGoWhere ( for the latest list of distribution venues.

Is digital token safe?

Security experts say that soft tokens can be as safe as hardware tokens for generating one-time passwords (OTPs) for extra protection. … Google’s Authenticator software, which generates OTPs to better secure users’ access to services, was rolled out some six years ago.

How do I activate my DBS ideal digital token?

Digital token is available to all IDEAL users. You can simply download the latest version of the IDEAL Mobile app and login with your credentials and login pin. If you have not logged in to IDEAL before, please login on the desktop to activate your user access and set your login pin before you access IDEAL Mobile.

Who is eligible for TraceTogether token?

All Singapore residents aged seven and above can collect a token at their designated community centres or clubs when distribution begins next Monday. Those who wish to check where the TraceTogether tokens will be distributed can go to the TokenGoWhere website for details on collection sites and timings.

How do I get a new token for POSB?

Log in to digibank Mobile with your digibank User ID & PIN.Click on Set Up Now. … Verify your email address and click Next.Enter the 6-digit Email OTP sent to your email address registered with DBS.Enter the 6-digit SMS OTP sent to your mobile number registered with DBS.Digital Token set up is completed.

How do I get a DBS iB secure device?

Register your device easily via digibank Online:Click Request.Click More Request.Under Other Services, click iB Secure Device Registration.Key in the Serial Number, found at the back of your DBS iB Secure Device.Key in the Registration Code, found in the letter sent together with your DBS iB Secure Device.More items…

How do I replace my iB secure device DBS?

Log in to digibank Mobile with your digibank User ID & PIN….Note:Find the nearest Video Teller Machine (VTM) using our Locator.Insert your NRIC, ATM/Debit/Credit Card or scan your Passport and complete the authentication process.Select iB Secure Device followed by Yes to proceed.Select the Reason for Replacement.More items…

Is it compulsory to collect TraceTogether token?

The Tracetogether Token is now compulsory as Singapore prepares to enter Phase 3 of the circuit breaker period. Here’s the down low on the device and app. For the past few weeks, one of the topics that have been abuzz on the internet is the TraceTogether token.