Question: How Can I Manage My Airtel App Account?

How do I add friends and family on Airtel?

If you want to register your family and friends on Airtel, all you need to do is dial the Airtel family and friends registration code: “*141*2*NUMBER# “, for example, “*141*2*08080000000#” and the number will be registered..

How can I talk to Airtel executive?

Airtel Requests and Complaints Helpline NumberDial 121 chargeable at 50p for 3 mins for agent access from your Airtel mobile phone anytime.For any complaints, service activation /deactivation and tariff change requests, you can call 198 (toll-free) from your Airtel mobile phone.

Unlink the UPI Through the Deregister of Profile Now tap on three vertical dots at the top right corner. Select the Deregister UPI Profile option. A message pop up with a warning that you would not be able to send or receive money after deregistering the UPI ID. Click on OK.

What is the benefits of my Airtel App?

My Airtel app also allows you to manage all your services like activate/deactivate caller tune, customize tariff plans, overview of credit limit, data balance, account balance, bills and Unbilled amount. The app also sends alerts for your data usage and offers for more data packs etc.

How do I remove my number from Airtel family plan?

If you want to remove/delete a number from your Airtel Family and Friends list, simply dial *311*3*NUMBER# e.g if you want to remove 08021234567 from your Family and Friends List, dial *311*3*08021234567# and Airtel will send you a message that a number has been removed from your Airtel Family and Friends list.

What is Airtel Family Pack?

With Airtel Postpaid, you can now enjoy a single postpaid plan for the whole family that lets you share your calls & data with your whole family. In addition to the convenience of single bill & single payment, a family plan gets you savings of upto 30% in your family spends.

How can I make my Airtel wallet?

Open Airtel Thanks app on your smartphone or visit the website.Enter your mobile number.Choose a proof of identity [PAN, Voter ID, Driving license, or Aadhaar Card]Enter PAN No, Voter ID, or Driving license no.Verify OTP.You’ve successfully created Airtel Wallet account.

How can I activate Airtel payment bank?

New users need to login www. from their phone or using a computer. Your account is initially created at Airtel money website. Who are already a member of Airtel money and are using the wallet for making the transaction, only needs to update their app to use the payments bank facility.

How can I get 2gb data on Airtel thanks app?

How To Get Free Data On Airtel 2020: Airtel Free Data Code 2020, How To Get 2GB Free Data On Airtel Thanks App?…Free Data On Airtel 2020.OfferBenefit2GB free 4gDial 52122 and follow steps1GB 4g dataDownload Airtel TV app500MB DataFollow instructions given inside30GB for 30 daysDial 511113 more rows•4 days ago

How can I earn Airtel thanks app?

Airtel UPI ReferralDownload Airtel Thanks App.Click on Bank Section.Click on Refer & Earn.Send your unique link to your friends.They should use your link to create Airtel UPI and do their first transaction with a minimum amount of Rs. … Both of you get Rs. 41 in your Airtel Money Wallet/ Airtel Payments Bank Account.

How can I add another number in Airtel App?

You can add accounts to your Airtel Home through the My Home section.Click on the Airtel Home banner.Select your Broadband ID.Select the accounts to be added.Enter the respective OTPs received on your registered mobile.Submit to add the respective accounts.

How do I know Airtel numbers?

Method-1 to Check your Airtel Mobile Number This is the simplest of all the methods to know your mobile number. Insert your SIM in the mobile phone. Make sure if you have activated your Airtel SIM card. Open the phone dialer app and dial this USSD code: *282# and click on the call button.

How do I block my UPI ID?

Login to SBI Mobile Banking application YONO lite and open UPI tab. Now tap and open enable/disable UPI option. Next screen select your account number and turn OFF (Enable UPI Account) as you can see below screenshot.

How safe is UPI?

There are various frauds associated with UPI payments, none of which are issues with UPI itself but are modes of deception. Therefore, it becomes important for you to secure your money from frauds associated with UPI payments. Getty Images Fraudsters can send you unauthorised payment links via SMS.

How can I delete my Airtel account on app?

Remove Account From Airtel Thanks App:Open Airtel App and click on MORE (Below right corner)Then click on Settings and scroll down to Account.Now choose the Airtel Product you need to remove (For Example I need to remove an Airtel number)Click on that number and now you will find Remove Account.More items…•

Select BHIM UPI Settings and then select UPI linked bank accounts option. Now, you can see the list of bank accounts added into the recharge app. Here, tap on the Three-dot menu and select the Delete Bank account option. Then select the account you want to delete and then tap on Delete Bank account at the bottom.

Can I add prepaid number to Airtel family plan?

After enabling the postpaid service on one number, an Airtel customer can add a family member or friend to their existing plan, but at a lower price. For example, if the main customer has opted for the Rs. 499 monthly plan, they will only have to pay Rs. 249 for the add-on connection, instead of the full Rs.