Question: How Can I Get Airtel Distributor?

How can I get Airtel SIM in lockdown?

To buy Airtel’s SIM, you have to go to the company’s official site.

Here you have to tap on the option of new prepaid sim.

Now choose your recharge plan and enter the mobile number.

Like Jio, here too you will be asked whether you want to get a new SIM or want to port the number..

What is Airtel KYC?

When,they ask for e-KYC it means “Electronic- Know Your Customer”. That means when you give your Aadhar as e-KYC it will be granted that customer is Verified and genuine. It is just for the verification purposes.

What is Airtel Mitra?

The app offers live balance and alert when the partner crosses a lower balance limit. … The live updates for last 20 transactions are made through the partner LAPU SIM.

How can I get Airtel distributorship?

How to register yourself as a new supplierRead the ‘How to register’ contents.Read and accept the Business Code of Conduct Guidelines.Fill in all the details on the one time registration form on the website. … Fill in the financial details along with attachments which is mandatory.More items…

How do I become a recharge retailer?

Four Simple Steps to Become Mobile Recharge Agent:Fill up the Join us form to become prepaid mobile recharge agent.Send your documents to do our representative.Prepaid mobile recharge agent registration.Receive license & start a business of your own agency of Treatpay prepaid mobile recharge.

How can I become a Airtel payment bank?

If you want to take Airtel Payment Bank CSP, then you must have the following documents.Aadhar Card.Pan number.Email came.Airtel sim.Cost to open Airtel payment bank.