Question: Does BT Fit New Master Socket?

What is the latest BT master socket?

The NTE5C MK2 is the latest type of socket that Openreach currently install, supplied as two pieces (rear plate with test socket, incoming line & extension connectors and front lower plate equiped with BT socket)..

Who is responsible for BT master socket?

OpenreachOpenreach are responsible for everything up to the master socket. That includes the master socket itself, but the removeable faceplate seems open to debate. However, if the line is damaged within the boundary of the property, then Openreach may charge you to fix it.

How do I extend my phone line?

It’s not hard to extend a line from an existing phone jack to a new one in another room. Simply unscrew the existing jack from the wall, and attach the color-coded wires for the new cable to the matching terminals. Then run the cable to the new jack and attach the matching wires to it.

Can I move my BT phone line?

Re: Moving incoming line The incoming line has to terminate on an internal master socket. Any extensions must be run from that master socket. Its Openreach not BT Retail that do the work, so you need to contact your phone Service Provider and ask for an Internal Home Move.

How much does it cost to have a phone socket installed?

You can order up to five extra sockets at one time. How much do extra copper phone sockets cost*? There’s technician call out fee of $92 plus an additional fee for each socket. The additional fee depends on how hard the installation is.

Can you replace a BT master socket?

No, they won’t come out and change it. Obviously they can’t actually stop you from changing it but be warned if you ever had to call Openreach out for a fault the Engineer would replace it with an NTE5a as they have to per procedure.

Where will BT install master socket?

The master phone socket is the main socket where the phone line enters your home, usually found in the hallway near the front door. If you can’t find it, have a look outside for any wires entering your home, then look for a white box on the wall inside.

Can an electrician move a phone socket?

yes a normal electrician can do it. as long as you have a live phone line they can move it.

Can you have 2 BT master sockets?

You can only have one master socket ( the newer type is the one with a removable front plate) and all other telephone points should radiate out from there.

Does BT need phone line?

Do I need to have a phone line if I want BT Broadband or BT TV? Yes, you’ll need a BT phone line if you want to get BT Broadband and BT TV.

How much does BT charge to move a master socket?

It’s Designed to Connect Around Your Home. If you ask Openreach to move the BT master socket, they will charge somewhere around £150. You may have to wait a fair while for the work to be done.

Will BT install a master socket for free?

Re: New Master Socket/Install Charges Either way that won’t be doing your ADSL speed many favours. Anyway, answer to your question, no BT won’t upgrade your internal wiring for free, their a business not a social service.