How Do I Activate My Union Mobile Banking?

How do I activate my union ATM card?

Steps for creating Green PIN:Go to our bank’s ATM, insert your card and select SET ATM GREENPIN option in language selection screen.Select GENERATE OTP option, you will get the OTP on registered mobile number.Again insert your card and select SET ATM GREENPIN option, and then select VALIDATE OTP.More items….

What is the code for Union Bank Mobile Banking?

If you want to access the Union Bank mobile banking services, you must activate their USSD code before making transfers. The transfer code for Union Bank Nigeria is *826#. Read this too: Steps To Activate Zenith Bank Nigeria Mobile Banking Transfer Code.

What’s the code for Union Bank Transfer?

How To Transfer Money To Union Bank Accounts. To make deposit or send fund to fellow Union bank account, Simply dial *826*1*amount*account number# example: *826*1*2000*1234512345#, you will need your PIN to complete this transaction.

What is bank access code?

901*901# is Access Bank’s USSD code that allows you to transact and enjoy banking services conveniently from your phone, without the use of airtime or data.

What is the code to check union bank account balance?

The code for checking Union Bank account balance is *826*4#. Dial it on a mobile phone number linked to your account.

What is a user ID for Bank?

Your user ID is the same number as your 8-digit customer number, which you have received from the bank earlier. You will find it printed on your bank identifier agreement.

How do I activate my union bank account?

Once you have it, please call 800-453-1573 to activate. From outside the U.S., call 323-720-5858. If you haven’t received your debit card 10 business days after your initial deposit, please call Union Bank® at 800-238-4486.

How can I activate my union bank transfer code?

How You Can Activate The Union Bank Transfer Code. The activation for the USSD code is free, to register simply dial *826# on your phone and then follow the simple instruction shown on your mobile phone.

How do I activate my USSD code Union Bank?

How to Register Union Bank USSD CodeDial *826# with your alertz number.Reply with 1 (Activate Mobile Banking).On the next page, enter your union bank account number.Create a one time 4 digit mobile banking (transaction) PIN. Make sure it is a combination you can easily remember.Enter the numbers on your card.

How do I know my union bank user ID?

In case you forget the User Id for Internet Banking Services, please contact your branch. You can email to giving your details such as name, account number, your date of birth / address etc. which can help to identify you, and your User ID will be informed to you.

Here’s how you can register your mobile number by visiting an SBI ATM:Swipe your card and from the menu choose the ‘Registration’ option.Enter your ATM PIN.Select mobile number registration option.Enter the mobile number you want to register. … Re-enter your mobile number and select ‘correct’ option.More items…•

How do I find my Union Bank Mobile App username?

If you forgot your Username / UserID please call the Customer Service Center at 866.872. 1866. If you forgot your Password, after clicking login, select Forgot User ID/Password and follow the on-screen prompts to recover your information.

Is customer ID and user ID same?

Bank of India customer ID/User id is your net banking user id, you need to enter this username when logging in to net banking or mobile banking. It is 9-digits unique identity number to identify customer details. Please note, User ID and account number both are different things.