How Can I Recharge My Mobile At Home?

How do I recharge my prepaid?

The meter token is what you use to load the Prepaid Meter.

When you have your token, go to your Prepaid Meter, open the card door of your unit and insert the meter smart card.

Then enter the PIN code that is on your token and voila – your digital power consumption device is recharged..

How can I top up online?

How it WorksSelect Your Country. Quickly and easily select your destination from the list of available countries.Enter Phone Number. Enter the number of the mobile phone you wish to recharge online and select your carrier.Select Top-Up Amount. … Complete Payment.

How can I recharge my mobile through Amazon?

On, click the Amazon Pay page, click Mobile Recharge. Enter your 10-digit prepaid mobile number (please do not enter the area code or country code) or choose a number from your phonebook. Enter the name of your mobile operator and the circle. Enter the amount for which you want to recharge.

How does mobile recharge work?

Mobile Recharge is a service that allows you to send credit to any mobile phone in the world. … choose the country where you send the recharge and the operator of the mobile you want to recharge. proceed to payment. check the recharge status in the Activity – Orders section of your account.

How can I recharge my mobile number?

How to Make Prepaid Mobile Recharge Online?Enter the phone number you want to carry out the online recharge for.Select the option from Prepaid/ Postpaid.Select your mobile operator.Select the circle you belong to.Check the online recharge plans designed exclusively for you or fill in the amount you want to recharge.More items…

How can I recharge my mobile through ATM card?

How to Recharge Mobile via ATMGo to your nearest ATM and insert debit card in the machine.Choose the Recharge option on the screen.Enter your mobile number and then your 4-digit ATM PIN.Enter the amount you want to recharge for.Recharge will be confirmed on the ATM screen and money debited from bank account.

How can I check Ideabalance?

If you want to do an Idea balance check for SMS service just dial *451# from your Idea number….Idea USSD CodesIdea Features and Services*121#Idea Prepaid Balance Check Code*456# and *457#Idea Account balance*125#Idea Net Balance Check Code*161*1#Idea SMS Balance10 more rows•Dec 25, 2020

How can I recharge my SIM card online?

You can recharge your SIM card using the following ways:Recharge online using the Matrix website.Please select your mobile number type -Prepaid- To recharge then enter your Matrix mobile number.Choose the “Pay Online” option.More items…•

How do I check my prepaid balance?

Most cards offer one or more of these ways to check your prepaid card balanceAutomated customer service.Live customer service.Online/Mobile App. Some prepaid cards allow you to check your balance on the internet if you set up an online account. … Text message. … ATM.

Can a prepaid meter be tampered with?

Meter tampering is both illegal and incredibly dangerous because of the risk of injury or electrocution. A meter that is tampered with does not function as it should, resulting in a loss of the information needed from it by landlords.

Is online mobile recharge safe?

Recharges online are perfectly safe. There are other service providers available like Paytym (+1 fot it), Recharge it now, Just recharge.

How can I recharge from my bank account?

How To Buy Airtime/Recharge Card From Access Bank. For Access bank, dial *901*Amount# on your phone and SEND. E.g *901*500#.

How can I recharge at home?

Recharge your prepaid mobile phoneStep 1: Add your number. Open Google Pay . From the bottom of the screen, swipe up. Tap New. Recharge Prepaid Mobile. … Step 2: Recharge your account. Choose a type of recharge: Pay a custom amount: Tap Search . Enter the amount that you’d like to recharge. Choose a plan: Tap a plan from the options.

How can I recharge my mobile online?

How can I recharge my mobile online with a debit card?Enter your prepaid mobile number.Select your operator and circle if Paytm does not fetch it automatically.Apply promo code to get cashback on your recharge.Select debit card in the payment method.Enter your card details.More items…

How do I check my balance on NEPA prepaid?

Check meter number: To know your meter number, press 65 then the blue button, the meter number is the 11 digit numbers that displays on the screen. Balance: To check balance, press “07” on the keypad and then press the blue button. The available balance will be displayed in this format.