Do Sellers On Ebay Know Your Address?

How do I hide my identity on eBay?

Log out of ebay and look at a listing you have bid on, your user ID will be masked just like everyone elses.

Your ID is alreay masked , only you and the seller you buy from can see what your ID is..

How do I know if my buyers address is confirmed?

An address is confirmed if the buyer’s credit card billing address matches his or her shipping address. In some instances, PayPal can also confirm an address by examining the buyer’s PayPal account history.

Is it safe to give your address on eBay?

Answers (3) Your contact information, including your phone number, is available to a successful buyer. If the seller’s return address is incorrect, that’s a violation of policy, as all contact information must be valid, including the correct return address. Bidder’s who are not successfull see nothing.

Can eBay sellers see your name?

Answers (2) Anyone one on the internet can see what you have sold if they know your eBay ID (ralphnem). … If your eBay ID contains part or all of your real name, then it is potentially possible for those who know your real name to discover your eBay ID.

Can I hide my purchases on eBay?

You can’t permanently delete items from your purchase history, but you can hide items you’ve bought in the last 60 days. Here’s how: Select the More actions dropdown next to the item you’d like to hide. Choose Hide item.

Does PayPal send anything to your address?

PayPal normally does not send any type of invoice to your Billing Address however, some businesses will send a copy of the invoice not as a bill to be paid but, as a receipt for your records.

What is eBay code in address?

As you may know, we’ve added a unique code to address line one of all eBay transactions. The code is a combination of the word ‘ebay’ plus seven case-insensitive alphanumeric characters (e.g. ‘ebay:97sT3JJ’).

Can you be anonymous on eBay?

You can create an anonymous seller account with eBay in order to prevent sharing your identity with people who view your eBay profile. … Provide an anonymous email address, a made-up location and a username that conceals your identity to use eBay as anonymously as possible.

Can I hide my address on PayPal?

The only way to keep your address hidden from buyers is to mark your payments as a service.

How do I print buyers address on eBay?

Here’s how:Go to My eBay and then Sold – opens in new window or tab.Select More Actions and then View order details.On the Order details page, select the printer version option, and print the page.

Is eBay dangerous?

You can buy safely on eBay. In fact, eBay is safer than someone’s personal website because of the third-party involvement of eBay and Paypal. Always report any offers to buy or sell an item outside of eBay.

Why is eBay asking for my address?

Answers (1) More probably, the seller may simply want to verify the address, since so many buyers forget to update their shipping address on eBay, and the holidays do dictate a tight shipping timeline.

Can a buyer see my address on Paypal?

The address you submitted when opening your Paypal account will be visible on the sale notice, as will the buyers address.

Where do I find buyers address on eBay?

Re: Buyers address Once the buyer has paid you will receive an email from Paypal confirming payment received and the address to post the item to. Or to the right of the item in the sold section of My Ebay there is a drop down menu, click on ‘order details’ and the address will be there.