Can I Pay PLDT In Metrobank?

How can I pay my Metrobank SSS bill online?

How to pay SSS online using MetrobankLog in to metrobankdirect .After your successful login, under DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS, select PAY BILLS.Payment form will appear, under Special Biller, select Category Government.In Subscriber/ Account No., input numbers using this format: your 10-digit SSS number followed by month and year.More items…•.

Can I pay PLDT without Bill?

With no added processing fees, you have three main options to digitally pay for your PLDT Home bill – internet banking, mobile wallets such as PayMaya, and PLDT Pay Express Online.

Can I pay my SSS contribution thru GCash?

Meanwhile, SSS members who are Globe or Touch Mobile prepaid users and postpaid subscribers may pay their contributions using Globe’s GCash facility. It is a free mobile application that allows members to pay their SSS contributions, salary loans, and real estate loans.

How can I pay SSS online abroad?

Steps to pay SSS Contribution Online via BancnetStep 1: Go to to register. … Step 2: Visit bancnet website again to login into your account. … Step 3: Select on the participating banks. … Step 4: Agree on the terms and conditions. … Step 5: Go to “Payments”More items…•

How can I pay my PLDT credit card through BDO?

How can I pay my PLDT credit card through BDO?Log in to BDO Online Banking using your user ID and password.Click “My Quick Links” and choose “Credit Cards Bills Payment.”Select Auto Charge Arrangement. Fill out the form provided and then click Submit.

How can I pay my philhealth bill online?

The system can be accessed by clicking the Accredited Collecting Agents or ACAs icon in the corporate website ( and the user will then be redirected to the bank’s online payment facility to register and do the usual online banking process.

Can I use a credit card to pay a bill?

Most companies accept credit card payments for bills online and over the phone, so you can pay bills when and where it’s most convenient. … While many credit card issuers only offer 1% back, some offer up to 5%, so if you choose to pay bills with a credit card to get cash back, choose the card you use wisely.

How can I pay my bill in MetroBank?

How to pay using MetroBank Mobile Banking?Select “One-Time Payment” and click the “PAY” button.Biller Search, type in “WEB.COM.PH” and click “WEB.COM.PH” when shown like below.Fill out the form and click NEXT button.Review the payment details, provide the Invoice number in the “Remarks” field, and click SUBMIT.More items…

Where can I pay PLDT bills quarantine?

Customers who opt to continue paying their bills may use our online payment facilities listed below:PayExpressOnline through myPLDT Smart app.Paymaya.Internet banking through our partner banks.

Can I pay PLDT thru GCash?

As an authorized partner of Bayad Center (a Meralco company), GCash also allows you to pay your bills—including your PLDT Home internet service bill—electronically.

What happens if I dont pay PLDT bill?

Non-payment. The Subscriber shall pay PLDT delinquency charges amounting to 1.0% per month of the outstanding Total Charges if the Subscriber fails to pay the Total Charges within thirty (30) days after the invoice date.

How can I pay my PLDT credit card bill?

To pay your bill through BANCNET, BPI EXPRESS and MEGALINK ATMs, simply go to Bills Payment, select SMART, and follow instructions as prompted. You can also securely pay your bills using your credit card through the following sites: myHome. PLDT Online.

Where can I pay my Metrobank credit card bill?

Pay using any Automated Teller Machine (ATM) of our partner banks and any of our partner Automated Payment Machines.

How do I pay my electric bill at 7 Eleven?

Upon receipt of the bill, customers can go to any local 7-Eleven where their bar code is scanned at register. They complete the transaction by paying in cash. The funds immediately post to customers’ accounts, and they receive detailed receipts for proof of payment.

Can I pay my PLDT bill in 7 11?

Customers of selected Dragonpay-accredited merchants can now pay for their online purchases at any 7-Eleven branch nationwide. Branches are open 7-days-a-week and 24 hours a day. Just follow the easy steps outlined below to complete your payment. Go to any 7-11 branch and look for the Cliqq touch-screen payment kiosk.